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See the 2015 winning Poem below from Kim O'Brien below

'Winter sunrise glows warmly.
Early morning birdcalls rouse me
Lorikeets cacophony arrive in waves - spot on 6am.
'Time to get up' they chortle.

I toddle to the river in front of the resort,
Spectacular orange , greys and yellows glow - waxing waning and changing
Breaking the clouds raggedly,
Shafts of light sprinkle their beams on the horizon
and the river.

Early morning joggers pound the pavement, rugged up against the 'chill'
Pick the tourist, singlet, shorts and thongs.
Escaping their southern winters.
Tai Chi by groups , a gentle way to face the day.

Pelicans, like bomadeers,
Interrupt my thoughts as they glide to an elegant stop.
Teals squabble
And sentinel cormorants -vigilantly watching.

Time for breakfast!
Now the choice-
Elegant Eggplant, Vanilla Cafe, Beans& Bagels,
French toast, fresh tropical fruit, coffee?

What to d o today?
Lounge languorously on the warm beach at Noosa,
Enjoying the enveloping warmth of the sea,
even in winter?
The sun sparkles off the inviting rolling waves.

Afternoon sun weakens - 
A swim, spa back at Nossavillage River Resort.
A nap before the evening arrives.

What a choice awaits for tea!
Do your own, 
Or choose Japanese French, Indian, French …
A wonderful place t o renew yourself,
A tropical oasis
Gotta love Noosaville'

Copyright - Kim O'Brien


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